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Help with others testing my loss of particles.

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I have an issue where when I play a MPmission I no longer can see smoke grenades or particles when resuming a save game. I'm trying to determine if it's my computer, video card or drivers that is the cause or an Arma thing.


Could others please try this test and let me know.

In VR, placed one soldier and give him smokes.

Save mission to MPmissions. (Mine was called MP_smoke_test.VR.pbo) Launched MP internet no mods. Load this mission.

Threw 2 smokes and were visible.

save&exit then resume the save without exiting Arma. (Smoke still visible to me).

Exit Arma game, shut down and restart Steam.

Launched Arma no mods. Start MP server again. Resume from your save.


When I do this I can no longer see smokes.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Verified game files in Steam to see if corrupt, nothing found.

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Verified game files

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