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Loading a singleplayer scenario/mission with script

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I'm trying to load a singleplayer scenario/mission from script. What I did so far...

  1. getting the mission name with missionName
  2. loading into a mission in 3DEN editor
  3. used playMission with the string from missionName to load the mission
  4. also used example from wiki with an eventhandler:
//--- adding eventhandler for mission ended
addMissionEventHandler ["Ended", {
	playMission ["","\A3\Missions_F_Bootcamp\Scenarios\Arsenal.VR"];

//--- ending the mission
["end1", true, 0] call BIS_fnc_endMission;

Nothing happens. So if it is possible, what is needed to load a saved singleplayer scenario from debug console or from another mission?


Thank you for your help!

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I don't have much experience with this. But I did a search in our bottomless pit of forum posts and found this:

It seems the command playMission doesn't work very well, and things behave better when they are organized as a campaign file and then referenced in the campaign description.ext .

Hope that helps 😬

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