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you know what..

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why implementing any kind of "gestures" at all?!


it makes absolutly NO SENSE! all this CS kiddies can only shot.. so why wasting time on this?!


senseless! like the game itself! i had some fun at the beginning, no doubt! but now it simply apways sucks!


deleted the game and surely will never came back to this crap! sorry! i love to play arma on my pc, but vigor on switch SIMPLY SUCKS!!


all the best, stay healthy and successful in future projects!


mfg M.K.

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There are other players who don't always shoot on sight 🙂 You may be surprised to find some helpful Outlanders, or other Outlanders who only want to loot... It'll depend on every Encounter for sure, but waving "hei" can help you make friends in the Outlands. 
Thanks for the feedback, we'd have appreciated some constructive feedback on why it "simply sucks", but you can always come back to the game after a while as we're always making improvements. 🍅

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