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Large area covered with grass?

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I want to do a simple thing...Create a large area with grass, in order to develop a big residential park.


In the editor there are only tiny grass objects so it will take forever to place tons of them.

I tried to set custom textures for platform or infrastructures,

Tried SetObjectScale 

No success for something that looks descent. Any ideas?



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2 hours ago, Soapbox0331 said:

@omri2050 This is a terrain mod that is 4 x 4 km grass ("Grassland"): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611925932


Source files link listed in the mod description. 

Yeah I downloaded some grass images and tried to setTexture on a "texture" object (apparently there is an object in the editor that is 10x10 and you can apply custom texture to it)

Your solution is good, I'm just trying to find a scripted solution for large area


Thanks of course

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