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Western Sahara - Changelog

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Rotators Collective will use this thread to provide information about the future updates to the Creator DLC: Western Sahara.


Discussions about the updates are welcome in the relevant forum thread:



If you have any questions about Western Sahara make sure you visit our FAQ page

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Western Sahara v1.01



  • Added: Trailer music is now available for ingame use.
  • Fixed: Ground dust size array wasn't working correctly in the Desert-module.
  • Fixed: Velko front night sight was incorrectly flipped up.
  • Fixed: In 3den, the XMS SW was sorted under the "Sniper Rifles" and not "Machine Guns" category.
  • Fixed: Gun drone could spawn a script error.
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to hide the crates on the Zamak Cargo variants.
  • Fixed: Armor panel struts were clipping inside the PO-30 Orca (UP) when sitting inside as crew or passenger.
  • Fixed: Marshall (Mortar) variant wasn't showing the currently selected ammo on the gunner cockpit display.
  • Fixed: Weighting on red/white PMC polo shirt uniform.
  • Fixed: UNA Officer wasn't showing the damage texture when hurt.
  • Tweaked: Removed inherited texture materials from magazines.
  • Tweaked: Textures for the AAF and CSAT cargo trucks.



VR Showcase

  • Tweaked: In the Marksman simulation, disabled the "simulation failed"-state when player is out of ammo. It didn't add much to the gameplay.


  • Fixed: Disabled the debug console.
  • Fixed: Removed ability to travel from obsolete OA.
  • Fixed: AI and Player map markers are visible for clients.
  • Tweaked: APC and Tanks are available for everyone
  • Tweaked: Player will respawn with last loadout.


  • Fixed: Tura faction groups would not show up correctly in Zeus mode.
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