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Cedric De Clercq

Cheater on PS4?

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I'm not one to call other players cheaters. I know there are much better players out there. Moreover I know it's mostly an issue on pc and not PS4. However, this guy in my elimination game was pretty suspicious. So much so that I recorded my game. His name is TwoTap_OniiZuKa and he is either the best player in the game, either the luckiest or he's found a way to cheat. I made a timestamp of all suspicious events. Throughout the game he gets a double kill 3 times (that's 2 kills with one bullet). 2 instakills out of nowhere with a body shot when I'm full health. 2 headshot through a wall and one headshot through a rock. The thing is, he didn't seem to be such an awesome player. He got killed a few times like a noob. Our game was close 4-5.

I'm putting the video link here it's a bit long but you can just fast forward to the events listed here:

18'': double kill
2'18'': double headshot
4'17'': one shot instakill with AR from distance (full health, no headshot)
7'26': one shot headshot through wall
7'40: one shot headshot through wall (possible through window though)
10'35'': one shot instakill out of nowhere with machinegun (full health, no headshot)
13'10: one shot headshot through rock (he's clearly behond the rock where I'm hiding and couldn't see my head)
13'51'': double kill





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You talk nonsense because it suits you or you are naive...

Hack is impossible yes on game console but cheat is possible...

This is called strike pack or cronus and scripts for Vigor are for sale on the net...

And they are invading my dear Vigor ...

So sad... but it is a reality....

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