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Cold War Ops (Chill-to-Mil-Sim)

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Main Language: English

Timezone: UK/EU

Game Times: Weekly every Saturday at 8 pm UK time



Who are we?
We’re a small and mature chill-to-mil-sim unit of like-minded players (and friends) who enjoy escaping reality once a week for a virtual get together in arma.


How serious are you?
We’re all here to have fun, but we do try and bridge that gap between casual and authentic. We do like to come up with a plan, execute on that plan and work together (no lone wolves). That is the reward we are all after, that feeling of working together – against the odds. You can expect plenty of goofs and bants during the mission, but we ask that you switch on when needed, and help keep the game elevated for the entire team.

What sort of missions do you play?

A lot of us grew up on OFP, so we like to go back to those days and play with gear/equipment of the 1980s. We run hand-crafted missions/ops that combine assault and recon elements,. We use the ALiVE framework which creates a persistent and ongoing campaign, with a lived-in world feeling to it. As we run with small numbers, we don’t use helicopters or tanks and are much more inclined to use motorised options and crew-served weapons. We tend to operate out of a single FOB and is framed as special forces/best tool for the job (as we don't have time for ranks, roles, faff). 

How often do you play?

We run our official coop game every Saturday at 8 pm BST/UK. As we’re all grown men with plenty of real-life commitments and responsibilities, our weekly get together is something we all look forward to. If you're looking for games every night, we're not for you. 

Do I need to use my voice?

Yes, this is a prerequisite. If you’re unable to speak, then there are other units/game modes out there for that. Sorry.


What MODS do you use?

We run a hand-picked selection of tested mods, that help to improve or expand on the player experience. We do our best to keep the mods purposeful and are very aware of download limits/HDD space. We are using the CSLA DLC as our base asset pack, which can be gifted to new members if they show commitment and are not going to fleece us.

How can I join?
There's no application process or any BS like that. Just rock up on our Discord and have a game with us. If you like it, then great, if not, then no problem. https://discord.gg/gxsu2Hj4MN

Few pics of a recent game last week

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