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Concrete surface glitch

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Can anyone help with this:

1) i have the map source, if i open it in TB and remove some object or the whole layer of objects and save it (all in all do smth without pressing Generate layers) - it saves just fine, export it to WRP and make PBO - very fine! No glitches at all. Just perfect!

2) BUT if i press Generate layers and then > WRP > PBO - somehow one of surfaces becomes broken... this one - GdtConcrete[] = {{200,200,200}}; - in Buldozer and in EDEN it has very same glitch - in some places it is absent, in some - its present, in few places i can even see the border where it dissapeares.

Here are the screenshots of it all:

I've tried everything 10 times already... i guess i just dont know something... 🙂

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