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Mandol, Afghanistan


A terrain of eastern Afghanistan intended to show the major differences in the biomes of Afghanistan and the immense size of the mountain ranges, and the difficulties they provide. This is not a one-to-one representation of Mandol, I have defiantly taken creative freedom.


I have released my terrain on the steam workshop so that the community can offer feedback on what they like and don't like, also, almost half of the map has been placed and is fully playable for the community. I'm doing what I did on the workshop here, making a thread so that more members of the community can have the chance to view the terrain and offer their input. 


cell: 8

45-50% complete

The end goal is to offer a terrain that folds in much of the more diverse and uncovered areas of Afghanistan into one area, everything from the vast pine forest of Nuristan, the neverending farmland of Jalalabad and Bagram, to the dense urban areas of Kubal and Kandahar. My ambition has definitely revealed itself in the size of this terrain and the goals that it is set to accomplish.


Along with what was mentioned above more goals include:

  • Show the intensity and difficulty of the Afghanistan mountains, displaying the isolation that some of the populations have. 
  • Utilize JBAD structures to offer dense urban areas.
  • Offer a very large terrain to the various pilots of the community to soar, mixed with the intense terrain variation, it should offer a unique problem for supporting assets. 
  • Create accurate military installations of varying sizes.
  • Will have 2 airports, one will be helicopter-based like Jalalabad Airport in the central part of the valley, with the other being more similar to Bagram Airbase in the SW corner of the terrain.
  • In all, there are about 5 cities planned, not including the one in the north.



Steam Workshop


JBAD big thanks to them

P.S. My name is from Arma milsim, not any military affiliation. I have not found a way to change it 

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I’ve said it on steam and I’ll say it again here, this is a phenomenal map and even at this early stage is eminently playable. The sense of scale is immense, it doesn’t feel compressed like many terrains. The use of modern A3 vegetation which actually looks like trees instead of the outdated A2 stuff is the real master stroke though. My only issues are with AI path finding going to sh!t around some of the terraced buildings, dykes in fields, bridges and rocky areas. Hopefully this can be worked out, but in the meantime I’m still spending most of my plat time on this beautiful terrain. Thanks tree

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Updated 12/23/21
Added large urban areas.
I recommend low view distance in Candaldari.
Added a small airfield for helicopters, drones, and small cargo aircraft.
The airfield is not set up for AI, yet.
Extended the playable valley south.

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Hey really nice work with this terrain especially with the airbase. I have only one advice for you…If you would be able to make a fence at the airbase on the mountain side and move those hills far away from the base to make a plain between airbase and mountain/hill, that would be perfect and it would also be helpful when defending base…to have complete fortification on all perimeters/sides.



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