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Hi, I've  recently bought the ultimate edition bundle for Arma 3 and I've been trying to installing the contact DLC. It shows me this adsd.PNG?width=1440&height=45


And it shows me this when I try to download it.



I've also checked the files and this is the only thing that I see.



I really want to know, because It's been nagging at me.

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Mine says 'Optional  Not Owened", so it looks like it things you own it, just the install is not running. Just some things to try:

- Try a "file check". In "LIBRARY", left click on Arma 3 in the list on the left, select Properties..., Click on LOCAL FILES and then Verify integrity of game files...

- If that does not resolve it try deleting the files in the Contac directory and restarting the install.


Good luck S

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