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Fog problem in MP

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I am editing a mission whose previous version works perfectly.

In MP the fog disappears instantly in 15-30 seconds.

In the SP editor it works perfectly.


And I don't know what happens, it never happened to me, there is nothing that changes the fog, I have deactivated the ACE climate in addons options and I am using the ORIGINAL GAME SYSTEM.

I can't find what the problem is, can any addon option cause this?

The funny thing is that if I activate the fog by scripts after a few seconds it disappears again.

It's frustrating since my old version works perfectly.


There is a role of Zeus and I don't know if it can be responsible, I have read something on forums, but in my previous version I also had it, the only thing that has changed from the previous version is that now there are option addons and before I had them for modules.


Sorry for mi english, its very bad.


A video:



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ACE has a rather complicated weather system that affects things like ballistics and artillery as well. I have had similar problems with scripted weather being removed after a few seconds when ACE was loaded. Have you tried disabling (not loading) the ACE mod from the launcher and tested that?

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