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I decided that I wanted to learn Arma particles and being in a 40k group led me to exploring the making of Psykers.   So here we go!


Psyker type Roster:


Pyromancer,  ...Done!

Cryomancer, ...Done!

Leukomancer*, ... Done!

Telekine, ... Done!

Telepath, ... Done!

Necromancer.... Done!


Bonus type #1:  Beastmaster... Done!

Bonus type #2: Aeromancer... Done!

Bonus type #3: Biomancer... Done!

Bonus type #4: Demonologist.. Done!


*leuk- Proto-Indo-European root meaning "light, brightness." aka a Lightning-mancer


No mods required!   But this will be meant for 40k use, so the more 40k assets are loaded, the more will be available in the asset pool.


Numerous custom sound effects for the Psyker powers.


No addactions!   Instead the psykers powers are switched between 1-4 keys and 7 turns the psyker's shield on / off

This framework is extensible and can be used to add more powers in the future to each one.  Basic plans are:

A simple attack based off of the semi-hidden grenade object "HandGrenade_Stone"

A Close range attack

Other attacks that are effective at various ranges.


Psykers must have no weapon in their hands to use their powers.

Psykers must not be in a vehicle to use their powers.


Elemental powered psykers will emit particles from their hands in tune with their powers.


Psykers get a variable speed bonus depending on their type.


All Psykers are protected by a telekine shield.  The strength and regen can be customized by the mission maker.  This means you'll need to pew pew them extra in order to  bring them down.  If the shield is overloaded, the feedback instantly kills the psyker.





Master of the flame.


Speed Bonus: 30%  (Speedy)


Basic attack is to toss a fire imbued rock.   It goes boom similar to a vanilla grenade:






Firestream ability.  Short range burst of fire







Firenado.  A big ball of flame that moves across the ground (and water!).  Ignores all buildings and just keeps going thru them. Psyker summoning the 'nado on the bottom right






Fireball.  Because... Fireball!    Summoning the flame:





Fireball launching toward target:





Coming down:






Ultimate ability:  Call down a freaking meteor!   Based on a modified script by ALIAS.  You rock, man.







Successful summon.   The ultimate ability has a very high fail rate













Summoner of all things cold


Speed Bonus: 10% (Meh)




Basic Attack:   Cold Bomb






Cold Blast.  Like the Pyro's Firestream.  A bit weaker and short ranged




Freezing Fog power.  Will apply a small amount of damage to infantry in the area and has a chance to freeze infantry, knocking them out of commission for a short time.




Polar vortex.  Damages units caught in the area and projects them in the air.  Cars affected less than infantry, tanks move even less.




Ultimate ability:  Rain Of Shards!  Create a  weather disturbance above the selected area.  Shards of ice rain down.   The disturbance will gather power, imbuing the shards with energy which will begin to explode on impact.







Wielder of Electromagnetism.


Speed Bonus: 20% (Pretty Good)


Basic attack, Lightning infused rock.




Spits out a bunch of zappy bits




Shocking bolt.  Faster and longest range of the 3 elemental psykers.   Damage is somewhere in the middle.




Ball Lightning.   Summon a Blueish ball that will attack units near it  (Does not distinguish friend or foe!)




EMP blast.  Summon a shock wave from above.   Fries vehicles in the blast area.






Ultimate ability:  Call a lightning storm!   No zappy wizard is complete without bringing the thunder.

Summoning the thunder cloud:




Area will be peppered with strikes:







Master of telekinetic abilities.    Telekine energy radiates in the optical spectrum.   Many of the telekine's abilities manifest in emissions of random light.


Speed Bonus: 50% (Blistering)


Basic Attack:  Rock Infused with telekine energy




Goes boom, releasing the contained warp...errr  psychic energy.




Throw Telekine blades.  This is an adaptation of Johnny Boy's Throw knife script.   These little badboys release their energy into their targets, either stunning or outright killing them.  Affects infantry only.   The telekine has six blades.




When the telekine runs out of blades, they must drop their telekine shield in order to resummon the blades back to them.  The blades vanish in a brief puff of smoke.




Summon a Wave of Force:




The wave of force is hard to see.  Light effects show it's path.




The wave of force throws vehicles and infantry that are in it's path.




Throw rock.   The Telekine rips a rock from the ground, flinging it at their target.






The rock will come to rest for a short time.




And then the telekine energy will make it go BOOM.




Ultimate Ability:  Teleport!   Transport the telekine and any nearby units to a selected location.   Infantry only.





A puff of smoke precedes the jump.




Another puff of dust at the jump point links the two locations.







Manipulatior of minds.


Speed Bonus: 10% (Meh)


 The telepath is a walking mind radar, able to see minds:




The telepath has no custom grenade attack.  In return the telepath has six unique abilities  Keys are 1-6 for activation.   Custom dialog created to handle these attacks.  No line of sight required when you can attack minds directly.   Telepaths have a pool of "Mental Power"  that all their powers are fueled by.   Mental power regenerates over time.


Stun ability





Some explanation:

Top graphic shows the current power selected.

Middle listbox is the minds that are in range of the telepath.  Click on your target here.

Mental Power Needed:  A display of how much mental energy the telepath must have to use this ability.

Current Mental Power:  Displays the current level of the telepath's mental power.  This meter ticks up while the dialog is open, showing the realtime value.

Committed Mental Power:  The telepath spends their mental power here.   Must select on the slider bar at least the minimum and have enough from the current pool.

Lastly:  Confirm / Cancel buttons


Stun ability knocks out the target temporarily:




Confusion ability.   Makes the victim spin uncontrollability. 




Hypnosis Ability.   Freezes AI units (disables all AI), makes them yawn /stretch as their mind is fogged.






Induce Panic Ability.   Makes AI (if they have one) panic and fire their gun dry, then toss it to the ground before they cower.   Finally, they'll try to run away to a nearby location.










Traitorous Urges Ability.   Sets AI target to side Enemy temporarily.   Good to cause some chaos.




Mind Trap ability.   Effectively the telepath's ultimate ability.   Traps the target in a mental prison.  AI have a chance to escape based on their skill setting, failures damage them, so it's possible for them to die to this ability.






Affects players!   Non-AI are beset with a puzzle they must solve to escape!   Choose the color that appears the most.  Failures will damage the player and present them with another puzzle.











Heresy knows no bounds


Necromancers are channelers of Death powers




Speed Bonus: 10% (Meh)


Necromancer is enhanced if the optional Zombies and Demons mod is loaded.   If so, the Necro will passively summon zombies when near the ground.   These zeds will roam around attacking enemies.  Zeds are dynamically set to the side of the Necro.   

Zeds die if the Necro gets killed or if they are outside of the Necro's power.


Necro Powers:


Basic Grenade attack:  Death bomb.   Damages anyone caught in the smoke.




Death's Embrace   

Very powerful Death Touch attack.  Short ranged.  Kills anything not a vehicle or undead by burning out their soul.






Summon Undead Minion

Find a dead unit, resurrect it to fight as your minion!

Minions die if the Necro gets killed or if they are outside of the Necro's power.











Summon Warp Entity

Create a crack in reality which an entity slips thru.  Entities are primordial beings and have no loyalty to anyone.  They will attack everyone in the area until their energy is expended and then they flow back into the void.   These are living minefields.

All credit to ALIAS, this is his Strigoi script.







Ultimate ability:  Summon Abomination!

These semi-sentient beings are made by fusing together multiple dead.   Must have at least 3 dead in a small area.   The dead will sink into the ground and the ritual will commence.   This brings forth the Abomination!  (Modified JBOY's Giant)


Find some victims.....












Ritual completed, the Abomination comes....




Behold the Abomination!   (JBOY, this is all your fault, LOL)




Like the Zeds and Minions, the Abomination dies if the necro does or if the Abomination gets too far away from the Necro.  Abominations will wander around atttacking whatever they choose.  They might wander right by someone attacking them to get at another target.





Stomp atttack.  JBOY has scripted several hilarious attacks with this thing. 




Abominations also attack civilians or enemy unconscious units.   They smash vehicles.  They break buildings.  All props to JBOY for this.






The beastmaster is a nature atuned psyker.    Calling critters to do the dirty work is their specialty.

Speed Bonus: 10% (Meh)




Handgrenade Stone attack is a Firebug Bomb.   Vicious tiny little buggers spray out in all directions.




Summon Dog ability.   Based on vDog Patrol and vDog Feral Multiplayer Scripts v1.9  by LSValmont   Siiiig 'em!




Death From Above.  Summon a Giant bird to haul off your enemies!  A modification of JBoy's graciously supplied birdattack script.


The bird decends from above...




To snatch their prey...




And take them to the skies!






After a short joy ride they get released....Gravity does the rest.  




Summon a Carnivorous Swarm.  Based off of ALIAS' Swarmer

The swarm attacks random targets in the area.




And they begin devouring...




...until not much is left.




Ultimate Ability:   Summon Primordial Ooze.   Based off of ALIAS' Farty script




Call forth the powers of primordial life.  Unfortunately primordial life is not the same composition we as humans enjoy.   The result is a small toxic environment...




At the center of the area is a primordial Ooze.  This life form is not capable of recognizing friend or foe and will attack everyone in it's territory.




After a few minutes the power to sustain this environment expires and environment returns to normal.




Manipulator of the air itself.  These abilities are tough to capture in a simple pic.   Better seen in action.


Speed Bonus: 30%  (Speedy)


Basic stone grenade attack:  Air vortex.   Creates a small area of condensing air that damages nearby units.  Dissipates quickly.





Blade of Air.  Condense air into a sharpened blade and project it at the enemy.   Nearby passage of the blade churns up the ground.  

Slams into the target with brute force.    Can be a challenge to aim.







Summon Hard Rain.     Condense the air in the area to rain down on your enemies.   Similar to the Cryo's Rain of Shards, but smaller and weaker effect.




Gale Force winds.   Call upon the winds to howl at storm levels.  Affects the entire map. Severely affects flying aircraft, causing them to crash!  

The winds are focused in the area around the Aeromancer.   Near the Aeromancer, ground vehicles and infantry will be affected by gusts if not in shelter.

Cannot be summoned if the Aeromancer's ultimate ability is active.  Note:  if using ACE, ACE weather must be disabled or thou shalt see no pretty wind effect.


This can turn your parking job:





Into a mess:





Ultimate ability:  Conjure a Tornado!   A modification of ALIAS' Tornado.     Does not spawn on the target area.  Instead it spawns in an unpredictable nearby location and will then slowly march somewhere near the targeted area.

Tosses infantry and vehicles in the air.  Destroys buildings in its path.    A slow engine of destruction.   Cannot be conjured when Gale Force Winds are blowing.





It's big, visible from far away








Biomancers wield life energy directly




Biomancers get no custom stone grenade attack.  In exchange they have 4 powers that are restorative, and another set of powers that are inversions (destructive).   Each 1-4 key cycles between the restorative and destructive power.  This is an example of stacking powers linked to a single selection key.

Speed Bonus: 15% (Okay)


*** Restorative powers:


Resuscitation.    Wakes up unconscious units near the psyker.  Still working on getting ACE unconscious units awake.   An area to improve.




Invigoration.   Increases unit's speed temporarily.  Does not affect Psykers.




Convalescence.   Heal units near the psyker.  Works with vanilla or ACE.




Ultimate Restorative:   Dome of Protection.     Conjure a dome in a large area around the psyker.   Units in the area are protected from damage.   Does not affect psykers (their custom telekine shield dominates this effect).   This means the Biomancer themself is vulnerable while under the dome.  Does not affect vehicles.





*** Destructive Powers:


Suppression.    Strike nearby foes in the selected area temporarily unconscious.




Enfeeblement.   Decreases unit's speed temporarily.  Does not affect Psykers.




Wither.   Strike wounds upon your enemies.



Ultimate Destructive:   Column of Destruction.    Summon a Column of death that destroys life within its tempest.   Leaves a messy pile of chunks behind.    Hiding in a vehicle serves no protection.   Does not affect vehicles.






Demonologists are summoners of nether beings.   They function a bit different from other psykers.    A cloud of ash follows them where ever they go.  It is most apparent when indoors:




Like the Necromancer, if Ryan's Zombies and Demons is loaded, the Demonologist will have the ability to summon Demonic Spirits.    The Demonologist simply kneels while looking at a dead infantry.


Summoned Demonic Spirits are incorporeal!  They are only visible using thermals.   AI will still engage them normally.  They are noisy, after after all.




 All of the Demonologist's summon abilities are powered by souls.   The demonologist must first find a body and use their Mortal Harvest ability (bound to the 6 key)



This fuels the Demon-@$%$SDFBHU- lities.


Summon Possessed -%^DFBHYU*-    

-sd895478fvf785%^&H$&#$afasdfas4r4-  Error: missing text has been deleted.





Summon Earth Demo-%$^&*&(*()@#$@#$&*&*HNSdfwr234234Y&*)-

Error: missing text has been deleted.



Summon Fire D-ASD#$7878t&*&*(@#$@#$ASDFSDFqwefasdfasdf7834-   Error: missing text has been deleted.

Error: missing text has been deleted.





Summon Elder -#$%&*&(&*(@#$@#$@#$@#$sdfsdfjkASDFADF54SDF-

 Error: missing text has been deleted.





(Inquisitor Bellon note:   My incompetent archivist has failed me for the last time.   His failure to scrub the above heresy has earned him an  assignment on planet Atoma Prime in the Hive City of Tertium.   I expect all records of this heresy to be properly deleted when his replacement arrives)



Version history


Version 1: Pyromancer

Version 2: Cryomancer

Version 3: Leukomancer

Version 4: Telekine

Version 5: Telepath

Version 6: Necromancer



Pyromancer Fireball Blast effect made more Fire-ry.

Version 7: Beastmaster


Psyker powers now disabled when the psyker is in inventory or the map screen


Version 8: Aeromancer


Telekine shield rework:

*  Shield is no longer active by default on players when they spawn.

*  Shield deactivates when the psyker gets in a vehicle.

*  Psyker gets feedback when the shield takes a hit, displaying the remaining percentage strength.

Version 9:  Biomancer

Version 10: Demonologist

Version 11:


Overhaul of ultimate abilities.  Psykers were able to break out of the stun effects

Fix of Demonologist summon costs

Pyro Fireball range increased to 1200m.   Will have to eyeball your aimpoint at long range though.

Version 12:

Dedicated server fixes.

Psykers mostly now work on dedicated.  Issues left to resolve on dedicated server:

Beastmaster death from above full of jank, but end result appears to work

Necro Abomination stands still most of the time.  Investigating.

Necro summoned zombies like to attack each other.

Demonologist summon powers not working as intended, minus the fire demon, that one seems gtg.





Get it here:





Stay tuned for future updates!    🙂






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Love it dude!  Any plans for a Thiriomancer?  He can summon anipals (pun intended) and plagues of insects and birds! 🐕🐯🐔🐍


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10 hours ago, johnnyboy said:

Love it dude!  Any plans for a Thiriomancer?  He can summon anipals (pun intended) and plagues of insects and birds! 🐕🐯🐔🐍



Hmmm a beastmaster...mancer?   LOL   Once the core 6 are done, I'll have to investigate it!   Maybe able to summon the Tiger Alpha  if it is loaded?    A swarm of bugs is doable.  I know ALIAS did one.  Will have to check how.  

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Telepath tease.   Telepaths are literally walking radars, able to read the minds of infantry that are close.    Friendly units are shown at an extended range.  Enemy units are picked up at a reduced range.   The telepath will use a dialog listing nearby minds to attack.

I'm fidgeting with the colors, as not only the side but also wound level of the unit shows in the color.   In the back are unconscious units.




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2 hours ago, accuracythruvolume said:

Next rev of telepath "radar".  Better descriptors and colors for each side

Very cool.  I guess this is telepath info for a telepath player, right?


Additional info for them to sense might be "threat level" related type stuff like combat mode, suppressed or not, fleeing, hiding, whether unit knows about telepath, whether unit is targeting telepath, isLeader,  etc.  Based on some of this info, you can calculate and indicate some sort of threat level per unit.  Just an idea...keep up the great work!

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4 hours ago, accuracythruvolume said:

Necromancer Joins the list!  See Spooky powers in the OP

Awesome!  :smiley-evil:

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1 hour ago, accuracythruvolume said:

Beastmaster added.   Have nature attack your enemies!  

Wow, this is great!  So many badass necromancers!

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The tenth and likely final type emerges from the shadows:  The Demonologist!

Summon demons to do your bidding, if you can pay the price required.

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Hi, I love your work. Can you explain what keys to use for each type of magic? I can not do anything you put in the post.


edit: ohh i know, i dont see in the principal post how to use. 😁

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The system captures when the 1-7 keys are pressed and depending on the class of psyker, does things or not.   Activation is the good ole left mouse click.  Bails out of the script immediately if not a psyker.   The intent is to make it a hassle if the psyker decides to use weapons.  Their powers stop working (otherwise trying to shoot guns would cast powers at the same time).

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I created a misión TVT . There some Bugs and problems un MP:

-The giants dont move.

-the dog spawn attached a player visible inverted. Only see the legs.

-a script error ocurrs with Ace with the telepath. 

The scripts are very fun 😋

The players dont know how to use, 


the players did not know very well how to use the scripts, I dont stay there to explain it to them.


I hope it can serve as feedback.





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This is very useful indeed!   I haven't given it a dedicated server test yet of all the scripts.   Hmm the giant is the most disconcerting.  The dog actually has an agent attached to it, that is how it moves.   Sometimes when it takes explosive damage, the agent becomes visible which it all weird but it is a tradeoff in order to get a good movable dog that obeys collision.


Point your players to this thread, it will help explain things  😀


Looked like in the video you had a script to change psyker type on the fly?


Let me know if you find other broken stuff.





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