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[MP][CTI-COOP] KP Liberation VAO edition

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This is modification of famous KP Liberation mission from GREUH and Wyqer which I make for my dedicated (server is private, but if you Russian-speaking, feel free to contact me to access. I am not against non Russian-speakers, but obviously, this game is about communication 🙂

Goal is to make this mission more like Squad and give some little more realistic aspects:

  • No factories
  • Vehicles and resources available on main base
  • Player respawn decreases resources amount at nearest FOB
  • Some small adds and changes
    • Added fake target to empty vehicles (need to improve)
    • Added KP Crate Filler (need to improve)
    • Added set camonet to respawn truck (ACE action)
    • Disabled vanilla radio VON channels (use TFAR/ACRE, you will never back 🙂
    • Added some classames to config
    • Added some items to special vehicles inventory
    • Removed player inventory cleaning at respawn
    • Custom preset used for Russian preset
    • Added tatoo (skip time to morning) at FOB
    • Custom squads disabled
    • Some addition to GREUH's view-distance correction system (in ACE self interaction)
    • Disabled GREUH's sound correction
    • Don't need recycle building for recycle
    • Some FOB repackage changes
    • Unflip disabled (use ACE instead)
    • Reduced minimal distance from sector to build FOB (use at own risk, but I have no errors)
    • Resources amount at redeploy manager
    • Logistics disabled
    • Fog fix changed
    • some more...


Future plans:

  • Make building system closer to Squad - commander set building point, units build it (lack of knowledge, can't make by now);
  • More maps (weferlingen_summer only at now)
  • later...



Requirements (looks like not necessary, but you will loose some units, vehicles, functionality, never tried) :

ACE, CUP, RHS, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2172276194 (for Russian preset), also see original mission tips (link at top).


I am welcome any help, changes, suggestions, etc. 

I prefer you will push your commits to GIThub, it saves time a lot, but any other method will be accepted 🙂

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Did you ever end up uploading this somewhere? I'm interested in your changes. I found your GitHub repo but there are no changes in it. 

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