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How I Can Evaluate The Performance Of Team Members

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Hello Guys! 

I am currently working on a simulation of training two opposite teams at the same time, and I aspire to evaluate the performance of each member of the two teams separately.
Is there a way to save all the data for each player on the team? If the answer is yes, how is this done?
Is it possible to extract all the player information on an external storage (external database)? If the answer is yes, how is this done?
If you have any other suggestions, everyone is welcome 🙂

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There is software the DCS players use that shows your wings entire flight in campaign, missile fired, guns, ect, that you can view, review, rewind, and save.  Called TacView I think...I think it works with ARMA, but not certain.


It's awesome for finding you and your wings tactical mistakes in A2A knife fights, air-to-ground missions and such.  I would think it a no-brainer for ARMA guys.


Good day,


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You could save all the information in one or more variables. I would use an an array 'cause it makes more sense to me but feel free to use more than one variables if it suites your needs best. I don't really know what information you would like to evaluate so I can't really make more suggestions as to how you could possibly get that information but a demo variable assignment would look like the following

// I put some dummy information in an array
private _info = [3, // Kills
		 6, // Deaths
		 143, // Bullets fired
		 3/6]; // Kill-Death ratio

// Save the information in the profile namespace
profileNamespace setVariable ["Unit_Info", _info];

// Save the profile namespace

This way you can access the information saved in the profile namespace and get the information from there. One detail here is that I am not sure whether you should first convert all the info in the variable to a string or not. This should be checked first.

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