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Good day!

I have long wanted to write about this, but due to doubts put it off...

Since the first release of Western Sahara, I have enjoyed the empty locations of Sefrou-Ramal every time and this was given me particularly smooth gameplay, even at many infantry squads battle.

For me, it has always been an empty map with high performance!


But it seems to me that the latest updates (maybe Alchemist theme) broke something, because every time, when I play on this map, I feel much worse game performance than on Altis, Malden, Livonia and other basic maps!

How do I feel, the game performance on Sefrou-Ramal has become noticeably worse than on release.

And this is taking into account the fact that Sefrou-Ramal is a much more empty map, that does not have forests and thick grass areas as in vanilla maps!  
It seems counter-intuitive, but now on maps with forests and thick grass, I have noticeably smoother gameplay than on Sefrou-Ramal, even if I will have significantly more units fighting!


In addition, I began to notice a visual glitch only in Sefrou-Ramal, in which a grass rarely seen by the player of this map sometimes very fast  disappears/appears. This happens multiple times, forming a semblance of flicker.

Other maps don't have it.


About my test.


location: settlement near the airport with name - "Al Mahdes".

number of units participating in the test:  3 vs 3 squads (with 8-10 units in every ) and 2 vs 2 vehicle


It seems to me that this card needs optimization and it should be one of the best performing map, because it is mostly empty...

PS: If anyone else has also noticed the worst performance/glitches of Sefrou-Ramal, then please write about it.

I'd like to figure out what's wrong

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On 3/14/2023 at 8:07 AM, lexx said:

1 - this is an engine issue. All UAVs behave like that. Sadly there is nothing we can do about it. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes what you describe happens.

Well, as for 1), if you can control a turret and the vehicle at the same time, this isn't an issue. This can be done in the Arma3 engine, but I haven't seen anyone else implement.

What I did as a proof of concept for my MV-22 port+modification, is to slave a minigun to the pilot camera. I haven't gotten zeroing/an FCS to work, but the impact point marker displays correctly.

So I can put an MV-22 in a hover/ gentle circle around the target, switch to pilot camera, and start hosing down targets with a 6.5mm minigun.


Similarly, just adding a laser designator (for the pilot, not gunner) to a pilot's targeting camera essentially allows for manual control by the pilot of the turret on an attack helo.

Turn on laser designator, target the laser spot, switch to manual fire, switch to cannon> point the targeting camera at targets, which puts the laser on the target, and keeps the cannon aimed where the targeting camera is aimed.


This allows you to maintain full control over the helo/aircraft, and to control the gun.

It is a lot of multitasking, and is better suited for a heli flight model with auto-hover assist

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