JBOY Ambient AI Interaction Framework This script framework makes it super easy for mission maker to make bases, villages, market places come alive with ambient AI activity.  The video is long so feel free to play it at 2x speed to get the gist.  I think this is the most useful thing I've created for ARMA... Download sample missions: Prairie Fire example mission (has Prairie Fire DLC object dependencies) Vanilla ARMA example mission (no Prairie Fire DLC object dependencies) Highly Recommended you use Polpox mods to see more fun animations and mimic expressions (but not required) - Polpox Artwork Supporter and Polpox Base Functions   Features: Create new activity areas by copying sample market center, trigger and destination objects and pasting them into your mission (in Editor).   Copy and paste as many "seller" units as you want.  Sellers will stay in place and wait for "shopper" units to arrive and interact with. Copy and past as many "shopper" units as you want.  Shoppers will randomly move from destination to destination and perform activity specific to the destination. Destination activities supported so far: Go to destination and chat with nearby unit(s) Sit in chairs and chat BBQ merchant interaction Gun merchant interaction Take a shower (Prairie Fire specific) Use latrine Pee outside Target practice at shooting range Bayonet and melee practice on hanging meat Exercise (kneed bends and pushups) Marital arts kata Repair vehicle tire Repair under vehicle Use modern outhouse/portalets Toss garbage in barrel Ambient conversation occurs using in-game voice files, and language specific (i.e., english, french, chinese, etc.) Units' simulation is enabled/disabled by player presence in trigger area.  So FPS only affected when player near. Very extensible:  its fairly easy for a scripter to create new activities and add to the framework. How to populate your own area with ambient activity.   How to code new activities and add to framework:   Credits: @M1ke_SK for super cool Leak script. Savage Game Design for awesome Prairie Fire DLC (I'm using their objects, melee gestures, voice files, and waterfall script for the shower).  If you haven't bought Prairie Fire, you should! @POLPOX for his brilliant Gestures and Mimics