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DirectX10 is not supported by your adapter (on VirtualMachine)

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Hello to all,


I hope I am right here.

First of all, I use Oracle VirtualBox 6.1. on Linux Mint 22.20 for the Game


My Setting for VM:

  • Base Memory: 4096MB (of 8196MB)
  • Processors (2.40GHz): 4 (of 4)
  • Video Memory: 256MB (of 256MB)
  • Graphics Controller: VBoxSVGA
  • Acceleration: enable 3D Acceleration
  • My OS Windows 10 Pro x64


everything is fine after the installation of Arma 3 until I run the game.


After mod initialization, the game switches into a black screen, normal. But after that, an error occurs that says

DirectX10 is not supported by your adapter

I had run the game before succesfuly with ~3fps ingame 🤮. I had only the default settings of the VM that is lower than my actual VM settings above.


Don't get me wrong: My aim is not to play game, but to script the game in runtime as my hobby.

So it is very ok when I scale down the graphics to the minimum. I don't need the highest performance.


I've installed the newest DirectX 11. Than restart the VM an run the game again but every time occurs this error. I have Direct11 installed not 10! I am very confuse 😖!


I need help to solve this problem




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