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HELP!!! Ai helicopter issues

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So to start off I'm uber new here and I'm  new to coding In arma. 


The problems:


1. Ai squads on helicopters order unit 4 to disembark on mission start despite being set to careless on both helo and squad, get out commands are synced to the transport unload commands.


2. Helos land on the nearest invisible helicopter pad rather than the one their waypointed to land at.


3. Helos try to land on top of one another.


The scenario: 


Set in 2056, you are part of one of four marsoc raider squads participating in the second battle of Mogadishu, part of the invasion of Somalia, code name operation BLADERUNNER, the first step of NATO's latest joint operation to wrest control of Africa from the Chinese Corporatotcracy. The mission starts with you being inserted into the city via helos off of an assault carrier, "Charlie dont surf" style. Once landed you clear buildings and take streets from local forces eventually culminating in an assault on the presidential compound to secure a nuke found by the CIA.


( this is the start of a rather long campaign, Chinese forces aren't present till episode 4)


If anyone could help me fix these issues I'd vastly appreciate It!

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You have to place invisible helipads and place the Transport Unload waypoint of the helicopter pilot attached on that invisible helipad.


To unload troops just use a Move waypoint not a Get Out one. Once the chopper commences the Unload one the troops will follow the Move waypoint and continue on. 


There are other ways to force the AI to do simple things like disabling their simulation at times and enabling it afterwards and many many such things you figure out from experience.


Best of luck with your project 👍

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