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How to make multiple M4 Scorchers fire at once?

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basically the question is in the title. How can i group multiple Artilliry units so they fire all at once, once i called Fire Support?


(my config so far: Player <-> Artilliry Request node <-> Artilliry node <-> M4 Scorcher in group with three other Artilliry units - in this constellation, unfortunately, they all fire individually one after the other ) 


thanks in advance!

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Seperately can you not make them target wherever they are to fire and after they are all in position tell them all to fire together? It should work 👍


EDIT: That is via a radio trigger script. Did not see you want the module.

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No need to group them. You just have to name your first artillery (say art1)
then, in init field of the others:


if (isServer) then {
  this spawn {  
    private _masterCommander = effectiveCommander art1;  
    while {alive _masterCommander && alive effectiveCommander _this} do {  
      waitUntil {sleep 0.5; _masterCommander getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_supporting",false]};  
      private _requester = _masterCommander getVariable "BIS_SUPP_requester";  
      private _coords = _masterCommander getVariable "BIS_SUPP_supportRunCoords";   
      private _ammo = (getArtilleryAmmo [vehicle _masterCommander] select (_masterCommander getVariable "BIS_SUPP_ammoType"));   
      private _burst = _masterCommander getVariable "BIS_SUPP_burst";   
      private _gunners = [effectiveCommander _this, _ammo, _burst, _coords] call BIS_SUPP_distributeRounds;
      sleep 5;   
      {_x commandArtilleryFire [_coords, _ammo, _x getVariable "BIS_SUPP_rounds"]} forEach _gunners;
      waitUntil {sleep 0.5; !(_masterCommander getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_supporting",true])};   


Just tweak the sleep 5 delay.

Note: in group the tanks fire (almost) at the same time, but the total rounds is same as ordered for a unique artillery (the amount global and the counts are shared among tanks).
my code adds a firing code on other tanks than art1, so you multiply this global amount per code in tank init field.

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