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RCO reticle measurements?

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Hi guys,
I'm making a ballistics calculator for vanilla A3 and I'd like to use it to calculate holdovers for the RCO (ARCO, ERCO, MRCO, etc.) family of scopes on a variety of different guns.
Essentially, each RCO-style optic has a fixed 300m zero and a BDC reticle with holdovers calibrated for a specific gun (RCO on the MX, ERCO on the SPAR, etc).
Common knowledge among the community is that the RCO/ARCO are meant for 6.5mm, ARCO for 5.56mm, etc., but this is not broadly the case.

In order to calculate these holds on each weapon, I need to know the reticle subtensions in MOA/mils for the RCO, ARCO, and so on (see this example). I've tried to determine these via experimentation in-game but have only gotten a rough idea.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to determine these?

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