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Server Scripts timing out?

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Dedicated Private Server. I have a list of scripts run from initServer.sqf:


//Server Side
[] execVM "\server\scripts\RayakBuildings.sqf";
[] execVM "\server\scripts\GuerBarracks.sqf";
[] execVM "\server\scripts\persistent.sqf";


The files are on run directly from the server as you can see, but I am noticing that they are "timing out". One file, for example, is used only for Hiding Objects, and after an hour or so of playtime, the script just STOPS running and I am not sure why.


Has anyone else encountered this?


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scripts are not simply "timing out".

I guess its a scripting problem but not a server problem.

The only server thing which could have an influence is that servers fps are dropping after some hours but this depends on mission.

therefore most server admins perform a server or mission restart periodically.

as admin you can see server fps by typing

#monitor 5

Into the chat.

You should watch the fps when the problem occurs.

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