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Creating an unscripted movie-story based on an Arma 3 mission

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Hi, I'm Larpushka and I'm making documentaries based on actual game events (I have a youtube channel dedicated for it). I think Arma 3 is a great tool to create an unscripted movie. Basically, building and running a mission while some (if not all) players are screen recording. We run a campaign - say for a month, maybe every weekend or every couple of days. Eventually we batch in the material together and edit a movie out of it. 

In the past I used Arma 3 to play on an hardcore Russian role-playing server and to teach English and even to connect a manual treadmill to. - I've even made a few movies- but it's in Russian, based on my character's experience in an Arma 3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R server; so I've done my share of crazy projects with Arma 3. I'm also a huge proponent of hardcore immersion - meaning creating a settings that feels authentic where players react realistically.  Now my new goal is to create an unscripted movie based on Arma 3 (the unscripted part is the players reactions, some features of the core story will need to be pre-planned to create the skeleton of the story). 


Some rules will need to be strict for the story to be interesting for the viewers. For instance, permadeath - each player only has 1 life, one they die they're out until the next story, which means they might need to wait a couple of weeks or days depending on at which point of the story they died.


Here's what I need to make it happen: A squad willing to play in such a story and stay "in-character" - it could be an existing squad with an existing campaign looking to spice things up. On my end I can guarantee help with recording, editing and narration. What do you think of the idea - would you be willing to participate in such a project?


Also, Is there any squad willing to consider running such a campaign with me "holding the camera"? 

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