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Wrong definition of transport vehicles cargo position

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Bis members/programmers  - Check method of calculation area for transporting vehicles - if model is not in axis parallel to those points this calculation is not right (2 points are not eunoght in this case - calculation of area for cargo compartment is not correct - too small) - please correct it to 4 points - this will include orientation of size box in 3d space).


cargoBayDimensions[] = {"VTV_limit_1", "VTV_limit_2","VTV_limit_3","VTV_limit_4"};


and of course should be corrected script/function for attach cargo to transporter  with using agle correction in V and H axis (efect should be similar to BIS_fnc_attachToRelative)

I can fix it in my addon by make my own scripting for loading vehicles but itshould be implemented like it is already with this improovment.




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