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Comrade Cheeki Breeki

Ability to force unit name display without custom radio channel?

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I've been working on a little something and discovered the function BIS_fnc_kbTell which makes conversations so much easier. I thought .bikb files were barbaric until I discovered this function, now it's a breeze to just throw down some audio/lip files and let it do its thing. However, there is one caveat. The normal radio channels, for discussion within vehicles, are not up to what I want. If I set it to vehicle chat (which is the default if you're in a vehicle), it will only display unit names if the unit is passenger. If they are a function seat (which includes FFV), it will display their seat name (see fig 1). This is really annoying since I'm using the CUP Huey which, on the transport, has FFV seats on the sides, meaning my team is split up into displaying as their actual names and as the seat they're occupying. I've tried to make a custom radio channel to use for it, but despite the wiki saying otherwise custom channels don't seem to work with the command (putting in the string name of the channel will make the internal function throw a hissy fit and putting in the id will say "Not expecting number"). Is there any other way I can force the game to use unit names ONLY?


Also, for the record, I tried direct chat but it was far too quiet. Even a unit sitting less than 3 feet away was practically silent.


Fig. 1: Problem Example



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