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So I've started coding around for the first time in the eden editor yesterday and I've been experimenting with a vehicle rearm script.

This script rearms one ammo of each pylon each second after it was triggered triggered, or at least that's what it's supposed to do.

        _veh = thisList select 0;
        _add = 1;
        _pylons = getAllPylonsInfo _veh;
        while {true} do{
            hint "loading ammo..";
            {_veh setAmmoOnPylon [(_x select 0), _add]}  forEach _pylons;
            _add = _add + 1;
            sleep 1;

The problem that I have encountered is that I have tried spawning this code to use the wait function without success. The errors tell me that not only is _pylons (and possibly other variables) not defined, but also the fact that there are local variables in a global space... which I searched around and "fixed" using the call function.
To clarify, I did spawn it with proper arguments and after I used the params function, to no avail.

I'd be grateful if someone could help me with this predicament, as I'm not very experienced in coding. (even less than a day of active coding eperience)

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thisList works only for triggers' condition or activation code, for preset condition only (like Blufor present).

Firing (vehicle) can fire an event handler : fired.


In single player:

So you need to script for the vehicle, let's say from in init field of an helo (in editor):

ALLPYLS = getAllPylonsInfo this;
this addEventHandler ["Fired", {
  params ["_veh"];
  {_veh setAmmoOnPylon [_x#0, _x#4]} forEach ALLPYLS;

That's a kind of infinite ammo on pylons.

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