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Is it possible to port Arma 2 OA Warfare 2 missions to Arma 3?

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Ive tried so many CTI incarnations for Arma 3 and none of them seem to hold up to Arma 2's Warfare 2, it was simple yet complex enough to keep you entertained for ages, the AI just worked, the setup wasn't clustered with unnecessary settings, there was 3 factions fighting for neutral towns instead of garrisoned towns causing most CTI versions to kill FPS within an hour when run locally for a LAN party (yes I know this can be turned off). The battles were brutal once the factions met in sectors and the fast travel was a very well implemented "Indiana Jones map travel" style which the AI and vehicles could also use to keep the war moving but without spawning directly on top of an attacked zone.

I'm not sure what it is but pretty much all Arma 3 CTI missions seem to lock up or glitch before things can really kick off or have AI pathfinding issues preventing them from capping sectors effectively making the missions unplayable with AI enabled.


The AI will attack multiple towns at once in Warfare 2, have 3 factions attacking simultaneously, have competent AI commanders giving out recon, patrol, capture and hold orders, have supply trucks running to and from towns all while keeping a playable framerate during an entire weekend of LAN play running locally in Arma 2's poorly optimized engine and somehow without unusual glitches or AI suddenly not responding... I used to run it on a 2nd gen i7 laptop with a GTX 460m (Asus VX7) without major performance issues during a few days almost 10 years ago.

If that lethargic crotch cooker could run it reliably in Arma 2's engine it should be beautifully smooth on Arma 3's engine with my current system, if it can be ported that is...


Arma 3 has so many great enhancements to its engine and gameplay not to mention the mods that further enhance the experience that the idea of going back to Arma 2 to enjoy the best vanilla Arma missions created is out of the question, it also doesn't help that now that Armaholic is gone Arma 2 has lost a massive amount of mods that could have made the game itself more enjoyable to return to.


Before someone mentions it, no, Warlords is not a good alternative. It only has 2 warring factions is linear and boring in comparison to the classic Warfare 2. You'll never be surprised by a group of T55s trying to take a town on your flank because all the attacks are targeted to one location at a time and instantly spawn a defending garrison that wouldn't have been there beforehand. It also doesn't help that the enemy infantry will all show up in the same place almost every time with the attacking fast travel system. Warlords is inferior in absolutely every way compared to Warfare 2.


I'm wondering, more hoping... That someone has info or has already been successful in porting Arma 2 Warfare 2 scenarios (Takistan Mountain Warfare for example) to Arma 3. I'm not sure if the missions require some hard coded stuff from Arma 2's engine or Arma 2 modules etc.

If the missions can simply be ported by renaming the assets to CUP assets that would be amazing news however Arma being Arma I'm almost certain that won't be the case and honestly, if it's been almost 10 years without a port of it I'm guessing it can't be done...

It doesn't hurt to ask though 🤷‍♂️

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On 7/22/2021 at 4:28 PM, sarogahtyp said:

I found this:




did you try it already?



For me it seems to be a good port but its vanilla only.

Yes I have tried that too, just like all CTI missions based off Benny Edition it only has 2 warring factions, the Indi side is always just a defensive niusance there to slow down initial point capture exactly like Warlords.


What I'm looking for is a CTI mission with 3 factions at war attacking neutral unoccupied towns exactly like Mountain Warfare in Arma 2. If there is a port of that mission specifically on Arma 3 it'd be perfect.


I was playing around in Arma 2's editor yesterday and noticed it does indeed have a Warfare module used to create the Warfare2 missions in Arma 2, does anyone know if Arma 2 modules can be directly ported to Arma 3?

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