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[TEST] Script Platoon Commander


Version: Platoon Commander beta 210914


The Platoon Commander addon gives the player the ability to command a reconnaissance platoon, consisting of a player's squad and four AI squads (two sabotage and reconnaissance, mortar support and a transport group).
With this script, a regular SP mission with a linear storyline turns into complete freedom of actions up to multi-stage planning from landing to evacuation. 


New Player Group Tactics: 

  • Offensive (from the flanks, fire and move, stalk, etc.)
  • Retreat (back, left, right, flee)
  • Defense (occupation of a building, all-round defense, taking cover)
  • Ambushes (linear, V-shaped, L-shaped, customized by your own)
  • Recon patrol
  • Search of the bodies
  • Rearmament
  • and etc.

New Sapper Actions (AI and Player): 

  •  Mining doors
  •  Mining roads
  •  Mining bodies
  •  Mining hide covers
  •  Mining vehicles

New Player Actions: 

  • Detonation of embedded explosives by choice (not only all at once)
  • Ability to swap with units of the group with weapons
  • and etc.

New Tactics for AI Squads: 

  • Shoot at the enemy and flee
  • Search of the bodies
  • Undermining objects
  • Mining roads
  • Retreat
  • Occupation of buildings
  • Waiting for signal
  • and etc.

New Fire Modes: 

  • Fire on player signal (for the player's group and AI groups)
  • Suppress when attacked
  • Firing single, short and long bursts for riflemen.

New Strategy: 

  • Command the entire platoon in real time.
  • Wide range of actions and tactics for every AI squad.
  • Ability to plan actions at your own, not limited to linear plots.
  • Direct orders and planned actions
  • Synchronized actions, support with mortar and armored vehicles.


  • Complete freedom in customizing the platoon through the settings in the script
  • About 50 customizable gameplay and visualization parameters


  • Radio messages between platoon squads
  • Anamated radio calls
  • Control via command menu similar to vanilla menu
  • Script can be translated into other languages (Stringtable)


  • Loops in scripts are made in such a way that they have almost no effect on the frame rate
  • Triggers are not used
  • A special function that automatically corrects the bugged behavior/stucking of the units.
  • A special function that partially corrects the behavior of vehicles while driving in a convoy.
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Hello, could someone help with the correct translation of this work into English?

The translation was made but not checked for correctness.

The Stringtable.xml file is present in the mission folder.

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Last changes:

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added animation and sound of radio conversations
  • Reworked the work of the mortar team (moved to supports tab)
  • Removed player's orders to the driver when using manual driving as part of a convoy
  • The script has been brought to beta version.

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Last changes:

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved script for detonating EDs separately. It now works for all EDs with a remote detonator and there is no need to define anything in the user configuration.
  • Reworked scripts for mining objects, roads, undermining objects and ambush. Mining a road now requires any two stretch EDs or grenades and an anti-tank pressure mine. To detonate objects and set an ambush, an ED with a remote detonator with a power of more than 1000 is required.
  • Fixed incorrect direction of mines when mining roads.
  • It is no longer required to define any EDs in the configuration. The script determines everything itself.
  • It is no longer required to define mortar backpacks in configuration and put them on units. You just need to put the mortar itself.
  • Improved group leader action "Swap Weapons". 

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