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Questions about operating the F-4 Phantom (Prairie)

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Is there any use for the Targeting Camera (Ctrl + Sec. Mouse Button)? It seems useless because at least in the A10 you can use it to guide MACERs and stuff.


How do I know if the Aim-9/Aim-7s are locked on? There isn't any pilot helmet HUD and on the radar they don't seem to give the lock on diamond.

Instead, they were just boxed and when I fired they automatically went towards the target even though the radar doesn't display so.


Is there a way for me to customize the munitions installed on the Phantom by myself?


Oh and lastly, how do I launch napalm? I can't drop it no matter what weapon I cycle to as a pilot...


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I saw that you posted this on the Savage Games forums, I would suggest that you search that forum because those topics have been discussed there already.


You can customize the munitions in the editor by double clicking on the aircraft, and using the pylons setting. To access the napalm, and other munitions, use the scroll wheel, and click on "manual fire". 

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