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[RM] 40 Commando Royal Marines (Original OFP)

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[RM] is pushing 20 years, founded in April 2002 by [RM]3Lions & [RM]GSTQ.


One of the original OFP "clans" formed with UK and Australian members.


Some advantages and considerations for joining [RM] are listed below:


Members must be 18 years or above

Team work is a focus

We only do coops

We dont like rambos


Apart from our history, below is an outline that might assist those considering.


[RM] was been set up for those who wished to join a well structured and organised group. It is well suited to those who enjoy being part of a close knit team, taking part in various types of missions on a regular scheduled basis.


We prefer milsim style but with no heirs and graces. 


Currently running OPEX.


We have a promotion system


We are currently part if the Volition Servers team hosting a server with UK addons.


We are on the server for at leat 4 to 6 hours every;


Friday from midnight AEST

Saturday from midnight AEST

Sunday from midnight AEST


(AEST Aust. Eastern Standard Time)


If you are interested in joining please contact us via our discord or Facebook page


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/133233533357989/?ref=share


Discord https://discord.gg/DbpRhHsHnx


Hello to all my old friends 😉


Recent vidoes : https://youtube.com/channel/UC-8vMiWNIUaMYlT8ovwac9Q

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