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AI random doMove Script quickly stops working?

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I am using the script from this post here which uses the following code:


params ["_currentPos","_unit"]; //var name of starting position (game logic object), var name of patrolling unit (unit)

_lastPos = _currentPos;

while {true} do

    _synchPositions = synchronizedObjects _currentPos; //find all positions synchronized to the current position

    _nextPosArray = if (count _synchPositions > 1) then //check to ensure the unit does not backtrack unnecessarily
              _synchPositions select {_x != _lastPos}
    _nextPos = selectRandom _nextPosArray; //randomly select another position to move to

    _unit doMove getPos _nextPos; //make AI walk towards the new position

    waitUntil {_unit distance getPos _nextPos < 1}; //wait until the AI has reached the new position
    _lastPos = _currentPos; //register the last position for the next loop to ensure no unnecessary backtracking

    _currentPos = _nextPos; //update current position


Being called by a trigger "On radio" with the following activation:

[var_startingLogic, var_logicUnit] spawn fnc_logic;


The unit and starting game logic are named appropriately, and the script works for less than a minute before after a random amount of points the unit simply stops. I am trying to get AI to move around inside custom composition interiors and this seemed like a simple solution, if I could get it to work long term.


I am pretty new to scripting, so I'm sure there is something glaringly obvious I'm missing.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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