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Replace object with another via addaction

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Hello! I'm currently trying to have an addaction replace a body with a bodybag. I'm not using ace medical so that isn't feasible.

What I have right now in the 3den Enhanced hold action option is this:


_bag = createVehicle ["land_bodybag_01_black_f", position body; [_bag, true, [0, 2, 0], 45] call ace_dragging_fnc_setDraggable; [_bag, 3] call ace_cargo_fnc_setSize; body hideObject true;

However, nothing happens. Suggestions?

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13 minutes ago, combataz said:

However, nothing happens

for sure there happens something in your .rpt file:




you have a semicolon inside of your createVehicle parameter list. this can't work. or maybe there is a missing bracket. hard to tell with your coding style.



Writing readable code would help you (and all others who read it - me included!) to find such errors faster.

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