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Gunter Severloh

CBS - Combat Battle Sounds (Arma2OA Sound Mod)

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CBS - Combat Battle Sounds

(Arma2OA Sound Mod)

Hello Arma2OA fans!

This is a massive compilation mod that i built back in the Arma2 & OA days (when Arma3 didn't exist),

it contains some files from 4 sound mods which are the following:  HiFi, Jsrs, RWS, Vops

The sounds change the following:

  • AV8b Harrier gun sounds
  • F35 gun sounds
  • Unguided rockets (FFAR)
  • Sidewinder missiles
  • Stinger missiles
  • Hellfire missiles
  • GAU
  • Static weapons
  • Launchers
  • Pistols
  • Assault weapons
  • Sub machine guns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Smoke
  • environment
  • Explosions
  • movement sounds
  • Radio chatter
  • Sonic cracks
  • M1A1 Abrams tank
  • Bradley APC
  • and some other guns for helis.

The mod contains some files that i had before the author back then updated the mod and changed the sounds.







Note - there are some infantry weapons that are vanilla, but only a few of them.

Note 2- In the video im playing with my COWarMod along with the sound mod.

Questions & Answers



After all this time Gunter why are you releasing this now? WTF!


Well considering i didn't have permissions to release this officially back in the day as i never asked,

i was never intending to release it anyways it was just a personal mod for me and any friend that i played with.

    Also now considering that Armaholic is now down & gone, and the mod contained may not be possibly available anymore

at least to my knowledge i haven't searched for them, this would be a good way to salvage the files i did keep together

and at least share or make them available to the Arma community.


What about permissions to release the mod as a named mod like you are?


As suggested above, theres really no way to gather any permissions at this point in time,

this is more of a share of what i put together from my own archive.

i dont and wont make a claim to the files, saying i built/recorded the sounds for that matter as i never touched them,

all i did back in the day was test each sound from each mod and kept those sounds i really liked.


     As for the name, i gave it a name because making a compilation "mod" requires a named mod folder

so that the sounds can be read by the game, as you all know the formal mod format @mod name/addons is standard

so i gave the mod a name and used that, it stood out from the other mods i had and i knew what mod was what.


Will there be any updates to this?


No, the mod is a compilation, i did not record or edit any of the sounds they are not mine, it is what it is,

take it or leave it, besides i think the sounds, sound great as they are.


What versions of the sound mods are in CBS?


I have no idea, they should be latest i think i cant say for sure, i know the RWS sounds are not the latest.



Go to the authors of HiFi, Jsrs, RWS, Vops

wherever they are, thank you for your work in the past!

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Excellent ... thank you very much Gunter!👍

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Awsome Sound Mod Mr. Gunter!

I normally use the @SOWsound (ArmA2) because I like the Arcade-ish beeping sounds when laying Satchel Charges...

Your CBS Sound mod has totally changed my atmosphere! It has just an awesome immersive Combat Feel!

I now have a new #1 Sound mod!


Thank you Mr. Gunter for your Excellent work!  


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5 hours ago, ducphuli said:

Oh nice mod up to Arma3

Will never happen, not my mod, wouldn't know how.


4 hours ago, ducphuli said:

Can you give me the sample AK, thanks

Just look at the sound mod in the mod.

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17 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:

Will never happen, not my mod, wouldn't know how.


Just look at the sound mod in the mod.

Thank you, good day

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