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M60 Style Tank (from lockdown times)...

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Well, after playing all the games on my rig during lockdown, I started to mod again...


The last Tank was aborted due to fidlings on the interrior, so the plan was to create a tank where I could use an existing interrior.

So I chose the M60...


ModemMaik's M60 rc2

Mediafire Download link ModemMaik M60 RC2









ModemMaik's M60 rc2
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

required OFP-Version: 1.96
required addons: None

mission addon name: "MODEM_M60"
mission patch name: "MODEM_M60_EXT"
Mission editor's container: "M60A3","M60A3 (USMC)","M60A3 (bis)","M60A3 (TU)" "/ Armored / West"
weapons: "Gun105","MachineGun7_6"
magazines: "Heat105","Shell105","MachineGun7_6"

Changes & Fixes:
- Reworked bis texture for better BIS Arma style match
- Minor hard / soft edge rework

- M60A3 shaped model (AFV Club M60A3/TTS 1:35 mode) using BI standard M60 weapon config
- Maingun recoil / Side numbers
- Shake on tank stop
- Standard BI interrior M60
- Enabled shaders

- None

Permission granted to everybody to reuse / modify / release any modification in regards to
BI "Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.". No need to require specific permission from me.

used tools:
    wings 3D v2.2.4 and 1.54
    blender v2.60
    paint.net v4.2.5

Credits to:
All the developers of Wings3D, blender and paint.net. Thank you guys.
Marseille77, Sanctuary and Cubus for BW85 Pack and Tank Pack
Cubus for his motivating modelling page B&B Mapping Design (bb-mapping-designs.de)
OFP BWMod Team for their Bundeswehr Mod
Burns, WGL.Q, Serclaes, Sauerbraten, [GLT]Sarge and King Homer @hx3.de for their support and material
FAB fabrice823 for his tutorials
WGL mod team (http://www.moddb.com/mods/wargames) for their great mod
ACE team (http://ace3mod.com/), successors of the former WGL team
BI (https://www.bistudio.com/) for their sample models
Wikipedia Project (en.wikipedia.org) for additional information
Scalmates https://www.scalemates.com/kits/afv-club-af35249-m60a3-tts--963462

Wings3D original model including multi layer textures available:

have fun and good luck,

I will not take any responsibility for crashed harddisks, sleepless nights, problems with your boy/girlfriend.
If the included content does not match your expected quality, use the "delete"-feature provided with your operating system...



p.s.: I sadly missed the 20'th aniversary day for release..... 😫

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Thank you very nice tank 😍. I have a question. Is there a link for dl also all other modemmaik addons?

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Well, links to my old addons are "archived" in the german armed-assault.de OFP forum.

It started in 2015 on extensions for Marseille77's BW85 mod and continued till this day.


I am not sure where to find the BW85 files today.... but when you remove the *_bw.pbo's you can use the addons with standard OFP installation.

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Thanks but most of the links are unfortunately dead.

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