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Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki (BIKI) Tools








What is it?

This tool should help with bringing sqf code to the BIKI. It automatically formats the input to be used in the Mediawiki syntax used by the BIKI. Normally this would be tedious work where you have to write you code, test it and then add formatting which in turn renders the formatted code unusable in the game. In case you would have to make changes to the code you would now have to remove the Mediawiki formatting, change your code and reformat it. With this tool you can just write your code and copy-paste it into the UI without making changes to the sqf script. The full list of features (currently rather short) can be found in the Readme on GitHub.


Who is it for?

It was created to help BIKI contributors and those that want to become one (wink wink nudge nudge 😉 ).


How can I get it?

You can download an installer from the GitHub Releases page.


Where can I use it?

This tool is a WPF project written in C#. This means that it is only available to Windows users.


How do I use it?

You copy-paste your code in the left window. The formatted code is displayed in the right window. You can choose which codehighlighting should be applied by making a selection in the bottom right corner. Now you can copy the output and paste it to the BIKI.


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