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I really enjoy Vigor but something I'd like to see is gun attachments. Not so much things like barrels and stocks but more just scopes. For example, I like the scope on the M21, a simple cross hair is my way to go; but when I use the PH bolt action, the scope has a missing spot in the middle. Being able to put a different sight on a gun rather than what is on it would be nice. This mechanic could be evened out by needing to craft the sights, or get a schematic for it; say 30% of the materials for crafting the gun to craft the sight. The PH and M21 are just a small example of the guns with unlined sights. I don't use many of the guns simply because you have to use the sight it comes with or the iron sights are uncomfortable. Being able to put a custom scope on a weapon would make shooting more enjoyable.

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