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After getting the Prairie Fire DLC, I noticed that when I ran the included co-op missions, that I could reduce weapon sway (and other things) in the parameters drop down.

Although I personally enjoy the fatigue/sway stuff (maybe enjoy is a bit much, but...), a bunch of the friends I play with really liked the option to fix it.

I was hoping to learn two things here ->

1. How to reduce the sway and

2 How to include that parameters thingie to my missions.

Please be aware that my scripting abilities are very sub average, so when you post your answer, try to lay it out as if I was totally brand new to ArmA scripting.

As always; any help is appreciated.

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1.   As @HereIsJones has pointed out; setCustomAimCoef is the key.
2.   I have no idea. I didn't buy the DLC.

There are ways to alter weapon sway on the fly.
I have no time to lay it out, the BIKI is laid out very nicely.
addAction setCustomAimCoef

Any issues with putting it together, then post what you have and ask.

Good luck.


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