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Use Prairie Fire Gestures in a script.

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Here's an example script for using Prairie Fire gestures in a script.  This should be useful for cut-scenes or some advanced mission making.  It also uses the Prairie Fire subtitles function.


The sample script:


 //Prairie Fire gesture demonstration
[bob] spawn
		sleep 3;
		_unit playActionNow _x;
		_s = toUpper((([_x, 14] call BIS_fnc_trimString) splitString '_') joinString ' ') + "!";
		[name _unit,_s] call VN_fnc_showSubtitle;
	} forEach ["vn_handsignal_regroup","vn_handsignal_attack","vn_handsignal_move_right","vn_handsignal_spotted","vn_handsignal_trap",


I may also add in calls to my JBOY Speak script to this, so unit will say in quiet stealth voice the corresponding voice file (i.e., "Attack", "Regroup", "Move out", etc.).  If I get around to doing that I will update this post accordingly.

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Nice find Johnson. Now what I’d really like to find is a startled animation or gesture- lemme know if you come across any

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