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The Spirit of Morpheus

Optional Creator DLCs (GM, S.O.G. PF): missing dependencies, screwed menu background, how to set default theme?

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Since I've purchased the "Global Mobilization" Creator DLC months ago and the "S.O.G. Praerie Fire" Creator DLC just a while ago, I am being plagued by various issues:


First off, I always get this error, whenever I start a scenario and the "Global Mobilization" DLC is not loaded (it's installed, but it's not loaded/selected in the "Optional DLC" menu of A3 launcher!):




And now comes the real headache, whenever I make a savegame of a scenario and then try to load that savegame:




In every case, it's complaining about "gm_plants" and "gm_structures_euro_80" !


Here's a screenshot of another error message, that immediately shows up once A3 has fully launched: (it might (or might not) be associated with the above issue)




The second bug is this:




As highlighted in the red brackets, the In-Game HUD and a Character/NPC is displayed in the A3 main menu, whenever Arma 3 loads up wih the GM Optional DLC selected!


The third one is not a "bug", but more a matter of personal preference: I do not want the A3 GM or A3 S.O.G. PF menu style but *I do want* to load/preserve the assets (terrains, weapons, equipment, etc.) of these DLCs without changing the default A3 menu style. For the "Contact" DLC this is possible without having to enable the Optional "Contact" DLC (just the "Platform" version of it is loaded) in A3 Launcher, but for the 2 Creator DLCs, there does not such an option ("Platform only") exist - either they're fully enabled and the assets will be loaded or they're not enabled and the assets will NOT be loaded...


Here is the screenshot of the altered menu style: (as can be seen, the GM in-game HUD bug is also present...)





At least for the first bug (Savegames; "gm_plant" and "gm_structures_euro_80") I need an immediate fix/solution ASAP, but the second bug (GM in-game HUD) is also very annoying. The third issue (menu style) might be intentional?


Thx 4 support,



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