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[SP] Arma Cyberpunk RPG

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Escape from Argo : : An ARMA Cyberpunk RPG



By 2128, the Mediterranean Sea has receded. Changes in temperature and weather patterns have left the

planet covered in a thick chemical haze, subject only to the buffeting of constant electrical storms. Law

and order has broken down across the remaining civilized regions, and the global crime rate has risen 400%.

The once-great city of Argo has become the one maximum security prison for the entire Mediterranean region.

A wall has been erected around the city, and the perimeter has been mined. While there is little direct contact

with the prisoners, elite units of the MED REGION Police Force are occasionally ordered into the prison on

special assignment.

This is a standalone game inspired by 80's and 90's-era cyberpunk games and movies.

Escape From Argo on Steam




You are a member of an elite unit of the MED REGION Police Force, tasked with performing special operations

inside the Argo Maximum Security Prison.


You'll be assigned three missions, culminating in a fight to the death with one of the prison warlords.


Missions are highly randomized, so no two games will be the same.


After each successful mission, you'll be promoted and allowed to train a skill. You'll also be provided

with a better weapon.


Be advised, the prisoners will advance in skill as well.


If you take too long to complete a mission and escape the prison, the prisoners will discover your presence

and sound an alarm. Every time you hear the alarm, a new group of enemies will set out to hunt you down.


Your gear will include a few chemlights. Argo is a relatively big city, so try to leave a trail if you get lost easily.









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This went through beta testing, but as always feel free to post any issues or questions if you have them. You can post either here or on Steam. Thanks!


Known Issues

  • Rarely on saved game content, the fade in/fade out doesn't fire at the end of missions. I've seen this before on other missions, and I have no idea what causes it, but it won't effect gameplay.
  • Sometimes the fog just "switches off" during the boss fight. Again, no idea why, I'm working on it, but it won't effect gameplay.

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This mission gives me "Nemesis" vibes!  Kudos for making it, chum!


Let´s delta the f#$% outta here 😎🤖

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