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Improving the game

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Hello ,


I want to report same things that I think may improve the current state of the game…


1- end with friendly fire, on encounters and deathmatch, its really annoying play everytime with kids that all they do it’s killing teammates….(for their reasons...) doing this had like before matchmaking with 1 or 2 people random also in encounters…there’s a lot of people that like to play with randoms too!!!


2 - make a 1o person experience, it will improve the game , vigor it’s the only shooter that don’t give that option….you guys have Dayz like example...


3 - last but not least, upgrade the game, graphics….all games are slowly doing it, next gen is the future! maybe improve the caracters movement??? its a bit weird sometimes!


Vigor it’s the only Escape from Tarkov-like for consoles, it would be really good to improve it on this kind of things that i said!


Im a veteran gamer on pc and consoles… really love the concept of this game!


Take care and stay safe out there Outlanders!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂 it's been noted and we'll keep it in mind 🍅

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