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20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA

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OFP was released in 22nd of June 2001, and 10 years later, it has been rebranded as ARMA:CWA

After 20 years of OFP, I will be hosting an event on a MP server in the 20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA on 14:00 UTC of that day.

This server has 1650+ missions and the AI on that server has been drastically improved.

The AI uses cover, supresses, uses houses for cover, uses their gear efficently as so on.

We will be playing missions ranging from co-op, revive/respawn missions, original campaign missions, death match, team death match, battle field, battle royale and so on.

This is one of the missions that we will play. Go ahead and test it by yourself:

There will be another new top secret mission coming in soon, so get on the discord server and you will be notified on when it gets finished.

Or you can monitor OFP server by using OFPMonitor (The IP of server that the event will be hosted is


You can also use Fwatch game scheduel to join:

Hopefully I will see you guys there, and thank you Bohemia for inventing this game for us.

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