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Arma 3 Halo Milsim Unit

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The 11th Shock Trooper Battalion is a brand-new Halo ODST Arma 3 unit.

Hello ladies and gentlemen we are the 11th shock trooper battalion based in US eastern time with Operations and FTX running every Saturday at 8:30 est. We have just recently been formed so we are a small-time unit looking to recruit new blood into our community. 11th STB prides itself on creating a fun and enjoyable space to enjoy Arma 3 and the halo mods that come with it. The campaigns we will run will be story driven with complex and engaging story lines but if you are less concerned with that and more game play, we do boost a creative mission builder team with dedicated people who put hours of there time and energy into breathing life into complex and interesting layout to test your skills.

The skills you will be learning include:

Assault: Main form of Anti Vehicle and Anti Air for ODST ground forces

Support: Your Auto-rifleman class utilizing LMGS and HMGS

Marksman: Long range designated sharpshooter

Urban: Your breacher and room clearer

Medic: Combat lifesaver

RTO: Voice for ODST ground forces

Rotary: Rotary air vehicle training

Fixed: Fixed Wing air vehicle

Training times are set to the squad leaders’ preference. We are looking to hold at least 3 to 4 events a month with an attendance of 20 people at the moment.

The 11th STB is are open to any and all no matter you level of experience with Arma and use a heavy Milsim style play with some roleplaying.

Our discord and information to our community can be found here on our discord https://discord.gg/2Y72X4MvBh

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