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Custom Saved Outifts - could have outfits/gun skins saved that would match each individual map and would load onto your character while going into a specific encounter.


Trading - passive area, where outlanders can trade guns/loot. Send friends food or loot using a similar system used to send food to the survivors at the shelter.


Starvation - forces outlanders to bring food into encounters, making it easier to get food for newer players by looting dead outlanders.


Shelter Area Exploration - adventure into the forest of the shelter where you could get attacked by wildlife (wolves, boars, bears, etc) giving you pelts to craft weapon skins/clothing

and also food. Also giving you the chance to loot materials for your shelter.


Just a couple ideas that could benefit the game. If anybody feels like adding onto the list feel free, there's no such thing as a bad idea.















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