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This game has so much potential but the problem is that the devs don’t sort out the issues that are killing the game. For example I stopped playing shoot out last season because 4 games in a row there was people boosting each other for free creates. Then team killing to trade loot is the biggest issue and there’s no report system to get the player banned for exploiting. No but they will add in the feature so you can’t turn of the signal for a team killer so they aren’t on the map anymore great one. So I just did a game on Bridge and I’m fighting a 3 man which is normal just to find out there was a die teaming with them so it’s a 5 vs 1 so basically the limit isn’t 3 per squad you can just all queue at the same time and make bigger squads because that’s a thing now so I’m not playing the game anymore till next season. If the devs read this then respond and I’ll show you evidence. One simple fix would be to label every game and save them so if someone reports something you can go back and watch it so you can see what is happening in your game

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