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Darren Borja

making the game alive while they Develope Minidayz 2

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Hello, I'm Ren it's been years of playing DayZ and especially on phone which is Minidayz ,great stuff happened after bohemia no longer work on Minidayz1 ,but the community made it great again. everyone wanted the game be fully finished. some got disappointed by it ,so I'm here for a request if possible ,I'm one of the community modders ,most likely known modder is Kev and Altero from Minidayz Discord , so I'm going to go straight forward to this. If it's possible to get the source file for Minidayz to be import to construct 2 where it was made, I was wondering if it's ok to add and fix bugs as well as add more contents. If not or if it violates anything I can not look forward for it, atleast I know and I could tell it also for the community, we know about it and we are sure that the game is not stolen or copied., we just wanna make the game more playable since it wasn't kinda done. to anyone who reads this I can appreciate. we thank the devs for doing hard work on the game aswell as the New Minidayz 2 .

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