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Respawn Command/Script for One-Life Missions?

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Hello all,
I'm wanting to be able to run one-life missions, so a player enters spectator mode immediately after dying, but I want some command or script the admin can run to respawn a player if they get killed due to a glitch or are disconnected. Certainly, this has to be possible somehow?
Any help is appreciated.

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You can create your own respawn behavior by using onPlayerRespawn.sqf and onPlayerKilled.sqf. You can keep a player in the spectator mode by setting his respawn timer to a high value, 1e+6 (10^6) for example. If you want him to respawn you can set his respawn time to a lower value again, for example 0 for instant respawn. For example:


respawn = 3;
respawnDelay = 1e+6;
respawnTemplates[] = { "Base" };
respawnOnStart = -1;


sleep 5;
["Initialize", [
	_unit, // spectator
	[west], // allowed sides
	false, // allow AI
	false, // allow free camera
	false, // allow 3rd person camera
	true, // show focus info
	false, // show camera buttons
	false, // show controls helper
	true, // show header
	true // show lists
]] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator;


params ["_player", "", "", "_delay"];
if (alive _player) then {
	//--- Player is not spectating, do nothing
	if !(["IsSpectating"] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator) exitWith {false};
	//--- Player can be respawned from spectator
	// You might want to move the player to a specified position here, eg
    // [_player, /*position*/, false] call BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition;
	["Terminate"] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator;
	setPlayerRespawnTime _delay;
} else {
	//--- Player is dead
	// Do stuff here before player respawns
	//--- Respawn player
	setPlayerRespawnTime 3;

Not sure if this does work. I copied it from one of my missions and removed unnecessary bits,

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Thank you, I will give it a try

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