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Hi all,


I'm trying to create a singleplayer scenario for an Artillery school but I'm having problems with the re-supply of the ammo to the mortars (and I'll have the same problem with the field guns too). What I'm trying to achieve is an infinite ammo box at the depot of 82mm rounds which I can transport to a netted crate near the mortar pit via a truck of some description. The soldier will then need to take the rounds to an appropriate ammo box in the mortar base area. When the mortar has fired it's compliment of HE the soldier can then re-load from the ammo box. I know it sounds a bit long winded but I just don't want to do some sort of endless ammo loop as a short-cut and break the immersion so to speak. Not sure if this is even possible ?


I know nothing of scripting and this is my first attempt at anything like this. I won't tell you how many tens of hours I've spent creating a map and trawling YouTube and various sites for any pointers 😂 


Thanks for any help and your time.

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this addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}]


Place a soldier on the map and ensure he has only one magazine of ammo.

Hit Preview and fire off the magazine.  With the above command in his init he will never run out of ammo


This I used in Arma 2 to test missions

It should work in Arma3 and it should work for mortars














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