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Hi once again I ask for your help.

I tried to configure dynamic airport on my map to land planes with autopilot.

I went through every step at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Dynamic_Airport_Configuration

But something is fucked up in my config. I don't really know how to set Longitude and Latitude or mapArea correctly (I think that's causing this).

My Plane Autopilot is always trying to land on the left lower corner of the map (ocean) and crash landing.

I got the coordination values for the dynamic airport configuration in eden -->rightclick somewhere-->Log-->Log Position to Clipboard.




I got the direction values with debug console:

_unit = player getDir jet; 
copyToClipboard format["%1",_unit]; 
hint format["%1",_unit];





What values are causing this with left lower corner on map?

Plz help.


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