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CTG Server Features

CTG Perks System

  • By spending cash and respect you can unlock perks for your player

Humanity System

  • Choose your play style, bandit or hero ? each has their own trader and advantages

DMS missions

  • Clear missions for cash, vehicles and rare items, also hero and bandit missions


Virtual Garage

  • Access you VG from traders and your base


Knock Out

  • Badly damage players without killing them can cause them to be knocked, rob, loot, tie them up or just finish the job


PVP Zone

  • Earn extra respect for fighting in the pvp zone



  • Swim deep enough and sharks will spawn, they will bite



  • Chance of an aggressive dog spawning that just wants to eat you 🙂



  • Custom spawner allowing large amounts of zombies depending on amount of players in the area


DHL Mission

  • Delivery a vehicle on time for cash and respect


Diamond Fishing

  • Go for a quite fish and try your luck at catching some diamonds

Ship Wrecks

  • Each server start will spawn some crates under water, go and collect for cash and goodies

Job Centre

  • Visit the job centre to start a random job, you will be paid a random amount while not in the safe zone or base


Drug Dealer

  • Trade drugs for some cash, easy 😉


  • Personal storage at trader lockers, the amount it holds will increase with respect

Trader Loadouts

  • Tailor your favourite gear at the traders and save for a quick purchase later

Fast Travel

  • Using the marked locations on the map you can quickly zip round for ease

Base Building

  • Flags cannot be stolen
  • Concrete is indestructible but very expensive
  • Base spawn at level 5


***CTG Exile Dayz Cherno 2020***

Traders typically sell lower end weapons with bandit and hero selling slightly higher tier stuff. Armed vehicles are on sale at bandit and hero also. We made sure there is plenty of goodies that must be looted either searching or completing mission. There are plenty other features and more in the making. 


Discord - https://discord.gg/P6rvrQEPKD


Port: 2402


Check out some features - 


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