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[RATS.ins] jujurat presents Heilstein, a 2km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on German countryside in WW2. Heilstein is an area that is south of Simmerath, and was briefly occupied and fought in during the end of the Allied invasion of WW2. It is also south of the Hurtgen Forest. This terrain attempts to recreate Heilstein, and the areas around it in the approximate time period using geographical data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma.


2km terrain that recreates winter German countryside in WW2. Serves as a winter alternative to my upcoming Hurtgen terrain.
Extensive forest/atmosphere detail.
Rolling hills, farms, villages, forests, and valleys.
Custom lighting configuration.
Ambient crows.
Fighting positions and and trenches, as well as small terrain detail for fighting maneuvers.
Breath fog; courtesy of haleks.
Working snowflake precipitation, courtesy of CUP.
Snow objects on the ground around forests to simulate build-up.

Planned Features

Continued support and improvement based on community feedback.


The breath fog script should be running clientside. You can remove it or disable it in the event of sudden performance drops or mod conflictions by simply dragging out the 'test' pbo from the addon's directory. It was created by Haleks, thank you very much!

Stats for Nerds

Cell Size 2

Credits and Thanks

For providing great information and help at times of need:
A3 Discord Terrain Channel
Bohemia Interactive


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Jujurat, thank you very much.

Walking around this map I felt like I was getting cold. Give it a try, I really recommend it. Great atmosphere, great lighting - and this is just a foretaste of what the author may publish. Superb map!

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Atmosphere is certainly not lacking! Good work so far.

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